July 7, 2012

Keeping things interesting - Take 2

Remember that post yesterday where I said, "Matthew and I are increasingly optimistic that he could be discharged tomorrow"?


Bertrand's discomfort and heart rate skyrocketed this morning.  His heart rate broached the 180s and stayed in the 170s for a large portion of the day.  He was transferred to Peds and then the NICU team got involved.

After lots of oxycodone, epinephrine breathing treatment, intravenous methylprednisilone (a.k.a. SoluMedrol), intravenous morphine, intravenous antibiotic, 3 boluses of fluid on top of his regular maintenance fluids, (and more steroids on the way)... Bertrand's heart rate is down to the 140s and he is much more himself.

We still don't know what went/is wrong.  Many of his labs, including the blood culture looking for signs of infection, are still pending.  However, we do know that his white blood cell count is high but his cortisol is low, which isn't helping any if he is trying to fight an infection (hence the additional steroids on the way).

So, yes, Bertrand is still keeping things interesting.  ;)  Fortunately, he is in good hands and we expect he'll be feeling better soon eventually.

PS - Happy birthday, Titi Saby! We wish we could be celebrating with you with all our hearts.  We love you!


  1. Oh, Cristina. I am thinking of you guys, and hope they can figure out what's going on soon!

  2. Oh no, poor kidlet -- how scary and exhausting for all of you. We're thinking about you and hoping the steroids help out. Love from everyone up here.

  3. So sorry to hear about little Bertrand. Hope things are a lot less intesting tomorrow!