July 8, 2012

Dr. Dravet to visit Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, UT June 21, 2012 – At the invitation of the Epilepsy Association of Utah, world renowned French Epileptologist, Dr. Charlotte Dravet, will visit Salt Lake City on August 15-18, 2012. Dr. Dravet has agreed to meet patients affected by Dravet Syndrome, a rare form of Epilepsy named after her research efforts. Patients are invited to meet one on one with the doctor on Monday, August 13. Dr. Dravet will also be presenting an “Introduction to Dravet Syndrome” on August 14 from 9 – 11am for all medical professionals wanting to attend. Please RSVP to this event by visiting www.epilepsyut.org/dravet_registration.html.

“The opportunity presented to the people and medical community within Utah is unparalleled”, said Kris Hansen, President of The Epilepsy Association, “Never before has the Epilepsy Community in Utah had the occasion to meet someone of her caliber. We are honored that she agreed to spend so much time here. It’s a once in a lifetime chance”.

Schedule of Meetings/Events

Monday, August 13:
9:00am – 4:00pm     Patient Visits at University of Utah

Tuesday, August 14:
9:00am -11:00am     Introduction to Dravet Syndrome
                               Dr. Dravet presenting along with doctors from UofU and Primary Children’s
12:00pm                  Lunch – By Invitation Only
2:00pm                    University of Utah Research Lab Tour
7:00pm                    Dinner with Dr. Dravet - A minimum donation of $75.00 a plate is suggested

Wednesday, August 15:
10:00am                   Grand Rounds at University of Utah

If you would like to participate in any of these events or have any questions, please contact:

Jenn Whiting
Kris Hansen
(801) 566-5949

Dr. Charlotte Dravet was mentored by Dr. Henri Gastaut (Lennox-Gestaut Syndrome) at the Centre St. Paul in Marseilles. Her interests were focused towards the explanationof syndromes in childhood Epilepsy, the psychological consequences of Epilepsy, the progressive Myoclonus Epilepsies and their genetics, the congenital malformations of the offspring of Epileptic women and related studies. Her main contribution was in Myoclonia Epilepsy; with emphasis on benign and severe Myoclonic Epilepsies in infancy. Dravet Syndrome, is now recognized as one of the most malignant syndromes at this age and is widely studied by other authors and clinicians as well as geneticists.

According to Davet.org, “Dr. Charlotte Dravet first described Dravet syndrome in 1978 as Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy of Infancy (SMEI). The first seizures usually happen before one year of age, with no known cause other than fever or illness. Seizures progress to be frequent and do not respond well to treatment. They also tend to be prolonged, lasting more than 5 minutes. Other types of seizures, which are common in Dravet Syndrome, appear in early childhood, including myoclonic seizures, atypical absence, complex partial seizures and nocturnal seizures. Estimates of the prevalence of this rare disorder range from 1:20,000 to 1:40,000 births.”

Dr. Charlotte Dravet has been President of the French League Against Epilepsy and a member of the Commission on Classification of Epilepsies of the ILAE. She has participated in numerous congresses, lectures and is the author of a number of published works. Now retired, she continues to work in France and Italy to improve the care of people with Epilepsy.

Founded in 1973, The Epilepsy Association of Utah is a 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all individuals living with Epilepsy and seizure disorders. 1 in 26 people will develop Epilepsy at some time in their lives leading to over 150,000 people in Utah alone. Epilepsy is the 4th most common neurological disorder in the US after migraine, stroke and Alzheimer’s. The Epilepsy Association of Utah offers a public education program, statewide support groups, personal and professional advocacy, college scholarships, art exhibits, educational conferences, summer camp, and more. Visit http://www.epilepsyut.org for additional information.

Press Contact:     Lindsey Palmer
Email:                lindsey@epilepsyut.org
Website:             www.epilepsyut.org

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