April 20, 2014

Salt Lake ComicCon, April 2014

We took the kids to Salt Lake ComicCon yesterday, and we all had a lot of fun.

Victoria met a wookie:

She also made a "Fairy Bat Princess" costume:

We all got to play on the bridge:

April 14, 2014

Victoria Turns Three!

Victoria Elizabeth turned three!

It's hard to believe it's already been three years.

It feels like she has already brought a lifetime of joy to our family. 

Victoria is 100% little girl.  She loves pink. She loves sparkles.
And, she is fearless.

She constantly impresses with her intelligence, her athleticism and her kind heart.

Victoria has never met a stranger.  
She will start a conversation with anyone... and talk their ear off.
(This can be interesting--particularly in public restrooms.)

She loves to tell stories and read--especially to Buddy and "baby Winston".
She is already the proudest big sister ever.  :)

Victoria is an animal lover; in particular she loves cats and snakes.
But, she has a soft spot for dogs too.  :)
She "officially" changed our dog Penny's name to "Bolt."

We are constantly amazed at what a potent personality was packed into such a tiny package.

Happy birthday to our "little miss sunshine"!

Bertrand, Mama, and Daddy love you.
All photos by Staci Cummings of Sweet Envy Photography.

April 12, 2014

Victoria's 3rd Birthday Party

Victoria planned her own third birthday party.  
Everything (location, decorations, food, activities, guests) was done to her specifications.
What can I say?  My girl is a natural planner.  :)  The party turned out great!

We all had a wonderful time--the birthday girl most of all!

All photos by Staci Cummings of Sweet Envy Photography.