April 14, 2014

Victoria Turns Three!

Victoria Elizabeth turned three!

It's hard to believe it's already been three years.

It feels like she has already brought a lifetime of joy to our family. 

Victoria is 100% little girl.  She loves pink. She loves sparkles.
And, she is fearless.

She constantly impresses with her intelligence, her athleticism and her kind heart.

Victoria has never met a stranger.  
She will start a conversation with anyone... and talk their ear off.
(This can be interesting--particularly in public restrooms.)

She loves to tell stories and read--especially to Buddy and "baby Winston".
She is already the proudest big sister ever.  :)

Victoria is an animal lover; in particular she loves cats and snakes.
But, she has a soft spot for dogs too.  :)
She "officially" changed our dog Penny's name to "Bolt."

We are constantly amazed at what a potent personality was packed into such a tiny package.

Happy birthday to our "little miss sunshine"!

Bertrand, Mama, and Daddy love you.
All photos by Staci Cummings of Sweet Envy Photography.

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