We are Cristina and Matt, parents to three young kids, Bertrand, Victoria and Winston.  Bertrand (age 6) is a handsome fellow who loves school, Elmo, water, music and movies (favorites include "How to Train Your Dragon" and anything Elmo).  He has what is believed to be a rare, genetic, metabolic condition resulting in a movement disorder--among many other symptoms.  He is the first documented case of N-glycanase deficiency.  Victoria is an active 3 year-old who runs everywhere, loves pink, pirates, and eating the icing off of cupcakes.  Winston is the chill, happy baby of the bunch.  This blog details our efforts to overcome Bertrand's "movement disorder" as a family.

Why we blog:
  • To keep friends and family up to date.
  • To support other families with children in similar situations.
  • To document because, let's face it, we're getting old.  ;)  There is a LOT of stuff to remember.  Having it in an accessible, searchable format helps.

This blog is not professional medical advice nor is it a substitute for consulting your doctor.  What has worked (or failed) for us will not determine what may or may not work for you or your child. So, please don't sue us!

If you think your child may have a form of N-glycanase deficiency, please let us know!  We'd love to help.

How to contact us:
Twitter: @bertrandmight
Email: bertrand at might dot net