October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

We celebrated another wonderful Halloween.  Our trick-or-treat crew was larger than ever.  All of my sisters were in town for our niece Gabrielle's first birthday, as well as part of Uncle Steve's family from Kentucky, and the usual Mighty suspects.

This year, the military men carried the day.  
Bertrand's amazing costume was made by his Uncle Cpt. Boojie.

The cutest puppies ever!

Gabby made a beautiful Snow White for her very first Halloween.

Bertrand loves his Miss K! She was his Halloween date.  ;)

The handsome soldiers.

Victoria dubbed her aunt Belinda, Bébé.  We all love it.

Uncle Steve with his little princess and his mom Vanessa, the proudest Granny.

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  1. Awesome costumes!!! I love the tank. Uncle Boojie is amazing! I must say Bernard looks smashing in a hat. I've never seen a cuter set of puppies.

    Thanks so much for sharing the day with the rest of us. :-)