October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

"Hey Mama! We're both pumpkins!"

"What do you mean, I'm not allowed to eat leaves?!"

"I look dashing in my hat."

"Are you suuuuure I can't eat leaves? They look and sound so tasty."

"Okay, then I'm taking my hat off so I can eat my hat!"

At the last minute, Victoria and Bertrand had to abort the plan to wear their new halloween costumes because the new costumes were HUGE. (I'm going to keep the identity of those a surprise because they'll wear those costumes next year.) So, Bertrand reprised his role as Elmo from last year and Victoria rocked the baby pumpkin outfit--Bertrand's 1st halloween costume. :) The kids looked precious!

Bertrand was halloweened-out after his school party, but Victoria had plenty of energy left to enjoy the holiday. We went lights-out at 8:30pm after passing out 80 treat bags! We saw lots of great costumes and caught-up with many of our awesome neighbors.

Happy Halloween to everyone!

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  1. Victoria looks just like B looked at his first Halloween! So precious, thanks for sharing.