October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Wow! Halloween on a Saturday night is quite the animal! We gave out 75 treat bags and then a bucket of loose candy from 6:30PM to 7:50PM. Candied out, we had to call it quits before 8PM! Last year I over-bought candy and this year I under-bought. Here are some pictures of Bertrand (the world's very first King Bee) celebrating Halloween! :)

Bertrand tells Mama she needs a new costume!

Bertrand playing with his best friend, Kevin. :)

A Halloween miracle! Bertrand allows Mama and Dada to enjoy a dinner with friends!

Bertrand trick-or-treats at our neighbor's house! Afraid of Bertrand's tricks (possibly involving a stinger), Mr. Tom quickly hands over the treats! ;)

The Good Wizard, Bertrand's friend Daniel, also receives treats from Mr. Tom.

Two majestic and fierce creatures, the King Bee and the Queen Lobster (B's good friend Veronica), confront one another!

The King Bee gets ready to depart from his friends, the Wizard and the Lobster (not shown).

Bertrand's candy haul doubled in size from last year! Two houses, two pieces of candy!

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