June 13, 2012

Adrenal Insufficiency Take 2?

Last Sunday, Bertrand was low on energy after therapy.  Then he was increasingly sleepy on Monday. By Tuesday, he was not eating and unresponsive.  Much like during his hospitalization, there were no other symptoms--no fever, no mucous, no cough.

Seeing Bertrand like this was terrifying.  Searching "adrenal crisis" brought up the symptoms of sleepiness, lack of appetite, and chapped lips.  And coincidentally, Bertrand had unusually dry skin and severely chapped lips.

We considered taking him to the ER, but decided to try a stress dose of hydrocortisone first.  Within the hour, Bertrand was completely back to his old self for the first time in weeks!

It's fantastic that we were able to identify and address the root of his condition.  But, it's scary how quickly he went down hill.  It's also disturbing proof that his adrenal insufficiency is very real.

Bertrand will be on the hydrocortisone for 2 more days, and he sees an endocrinologist next month.  I hope he doesn't need the steroid stress dose again.  We're keeping a close eye on him.


  1. Oh my, how terrifying! You and Matt are such amazing parents. So glad Bertrand is feeling better right now and I hope you never have to see him in that state again.

  2. Another crisis averted! Good going guys! All the best!

  3. Hugs to Bertrand and all of you. Champions in my eyes.