June 8, 2012

NEW Bertrand Might Research Fund

Hudson Freeze Ph.D.
We've decided to fund a postdoctoral researcher (MD/Ph.D.) at Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute to identify and test possible treatments for Bertrand's genetic disorder over the next few months.  Bertrand's skin and liver cells will be used to test a host of therapeutic compounds at a super cool chemical genomics facility.  Such studies are an important step to procure FDA approval for investigational new drug use.

This is the critical next step in pushing the boundary of human knowledge and saving our son.

Dr. Hudson Freeze at Sanford-Burnham is an expert on rare genetic diseases and a leading researcher in the field of glycobiology. This scientific field that studies how cells coat proteins with sugar molecules—the process that is malfunctioning in Bertrand’s cells. 
By donating to the Bertrand Might Research Research Fund, you will help Dr. Freeze’s lab unravel this unique and mysterious disease, now called N-Glycanase Disorder. You can help bring hope to Bertrand’s family and possibly prevent other families from experiencing this same tragic ordeal.

Many people have asked how to help Bertrand and other kids like him.
We need $125,000 to fund research for one year.

Your messages of support over the past week have meant the world to us.  Thank you.  :)


  1. where can we indicate on the donation form that the donation is for the bertrand might or hudson freeze fund? is there a specific phrase to use? thanks!

  2. There is now a designation for "The Bertrand Might Research Fund". Thanks again, Sarah! :)