May 29, 2012

Hospication* Update

Victoria (with titi Beli's help) made a card for Bertrand.
I'm exhausted, so here's the quick overview:
  • Bertrand is hospitalized with no discharge set.
  • The valium protocol is on indefinite hold.  (This may actually be for the best.  More on this later.)
  • Bertrand's temperature and sodium (which was very low) are normalizing.  
  • His WBC, RBC, platelets have all come back low and liver values have re-elevated.
  • A working theory is that depakote may have slowly given Bertrand hyponatremia (low sodium) which could be exacerbated by a virus.
  • Another less likely theory is sepsis.
  • A blood culture is pending.  Other cultures (strep and urine) have returned normal.
* A light-hearted explanation of the term "hospication" (hospital + vacation) can be found on my friend Niki's blog HERE.


  1. It is moving to see a child pass through so much. I wish I could help. We can't change the past, but we can alter the future. Have hope my friends, nothing is lost. A lot of us are with you and we will provide help in every way we can.

  2. Thank you. Your kind words mean a lot. :)

  3. We're thinking of you guys and praying for you! This must be maddening. I know better days are ahead for B.