March 2, 2012

Occupational Therapy - Wrist Splint

Bertrand's new wrist splint by Benik

Bertrand, Miss V (his home OT), and I went up to Shriners this morning to consult with their occupational therapist, Roxanne. Bertrand slept through the entire appointment while Miss V and I peppered her with questions. Three main items came from today's meeting.
  1. Wrist splint - Bertrand received a trial wrist splint for his right hand to help him use his thumb and have an easier time using his fingers overall. So far, it has been very effective!
  2. Weighted vest - Bertrand will try a weighted/compression vest to help with his trunk ataxia. If we see good results with it, then we will consider TheraTogs.
  3. Toilet training - Bertrand will take the first steps to prepare him for potty training! We will start tracking his elimination and developing a vocabulary (I ordered the Potty Time DVD for him) to communicate the concepts to him. It's very premature, but I bought him Disney/Pixar Cars boy briefs today just so we could talk about them. :) It may be a year or longer before we even try to seat him on the potty, but he will get a shot! ;)
We will see Roxanne again in a month to discuss Bertrand's progress and next steps, as well as covering the items we didn't get to today such as feeding (spoons, straws, etc.).


  1. Wow, Cristina! That's all exciting news! Reading this made me realize I've been following your blog for a couple of years now. I can't even say how happy it makes me to see Bertrand blooming in his own special way. :)


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