March 3, 2012

TAOS Evaluation

A 5 year-old girl named Karlee in her TAOS. Image from here.

Last Wednesday, Bertrand was evaluated and measured for a TAOS (Therapeutic Ambulatory Orthotic System). It is a combination of an orthosis and a mobility base. We'd seen mention of TAOS online in the blogosphere for a number of years, but seeing it in person at the Abilities Expo really impressed us.

The orthosis ensures the child's legs and torso are kept in proper alignment and the mobility base supports the child in a standing (or sitting) position. With Bertrand's right hip 60% subluxed, proper alignment is important. But, it is almost impossible to maintain in his current stander. The TAOS seems like a great solution.

There is only one orthotic provider in Utah currently set-up to fit the TAOS. Fortunately, the office is only 25 minutes from our house. The evaluation primarily tested his weight-bearing, stepping reflex, and tone. The measurements were then taken when Bertrand was determined to be a good candidate for the system. I am waiting to hear back from their financial department this week so the order can be placed.

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  1. Not sure how I missed this! B and C are going to be TAOS buddies!