January 19, 2012

The Happy Mystery

Bertrand is the medical mystery that keeps on giving. Here are two of his most recent puzzles.

The Case of the Disappeared Blink.
At a recent ophthalmology appointment, a doctor noted that Bertrand doesn't blink. His lack of blinking is new. This appears to be the new cause of his corneal erosion. While Bertrand produces tears and can cry now, his corneal erosion has persisted. I immediately flashed to this post by my friend, Carrie, about her daughter Hannah's loss of blink reflex. Lack of blinking is a symptom of Parkinson's disease, with which Bertrand's condition shares some similarities. Blink rate has a direct correlation with dopamine levels. In low dopamine conditions such as Parkinson's, individuals may barely blink. In high dopamine conditions such as schizophrenia, individuals may have a very high blink rate. Certain medications have as a side-effect dopamine reduction and resulting blink reflex loss. The ophthomologist, citing possible drug interaction, decided to write a note to inform Bertrand's neurology team of the finding.

With the neurologists both M.I.A. (yup, the new one is equally unresponsive and Bertrand's EEG has yet to be scheduled), I called my dad. He played the reasonable Watson to my flighty Sherlock. Bertrand's CSF dopamine has tested normal. His movement disorder doesn't present like a low dopamine one. However, corneal sensitivity is what triggers the blink. Both Bertrand's corneas have scarred. Scar tissue is not sensitive. Perhaps it is that simple? We like simple and non-invasive. Bertrand will undergo a non-invasive corneal sensitivity test at his next ophthalmology appointment.

(Regardless, the course of action is lubrication, lubrication, lubrication. Drops don't cut it. Big B is a gel and ointment man. Good times.)

The Happy Mystery
Since Monday, Bertrand has been happy. REALLY happy. Like, perhaps the-happiest-he-has-ever-been-in-his-entire-life happy. Obviously, this is a good thing. And, alert--he stopped taking naps during the day. That is HUGE. However, we don't know what triggered it. And, it bothers me like you wouldn't believe! I lay awake at night trying to figure it out. With Bertrand, we take nothing for granted. If I don't find the root, then I'll keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. We may accidentally mess it up. Or, we could miss the opportunity to make him even happier by doing more of whatever we did right. Neither is acceptable to me. There are a lot of variables, but here are some candidates:
Despite our beloved gastroenterologist's claim that ursodiol is a fairly benign bile salt, it is my primary suspect. This case remains open.

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