January 18, 2012

Bertrand had a banner day!

Below is a note from school. We are so proud of our big, school-bus-riding, smiling, funny boy!
"WhAt aN AmaZiNg DaY BeRtRaND hAd ToDaY!!! During worktime we observed that he seemed to be laughing appropriately at the kids and following what they were doing. Then during my language group (large group time) he was laughing at the animal sounds that I was making. When I made my elephant noise he laughed 3 times in a row. (I was pausing and testing to see if it was in response to my noise, or just laughter and he would wait for me to make it before laughing!) Then later in the book he laughed four more times after my monkey noise! (The first two times Heather and I thought he was trying to imitate it, rather than laugh at it. The next two times he was definitely laughing!!!) Later we tried it again and he did it again for Christina. We tried it one more time (with the video camera on) and he would not do it to save my life! (Apparently I'm just not that funny ;o) But what a day!!! We'll try to get it to happen again tomorrow."

1 comment :

  1. That's fantastic! That note is so great to see (a bit nostalgic for me, as well ... I remember when Daniel had those same teachers). And refusing to perform as soon as the videocamera is turned on, well, kids don't get more typical than that :).