November 5, 2010

Coming up for air

Bertrand being comforted by Puff, his toy dragon.

Since last Tuesday, Bertrand has had a small cold. He seems fine and chipper during the day, but in the early morning and late evening he is MISERABLE. His nose gets stuffy and he stays up (past midnight last night) thrashing in bed. I've tried the all the usuals (motrin, humidifier, distraction, vicks, etc.) but, since Daddy is out-of-town this week, I am quickly running out of steam and am getting sick now too.

That said, there are a lot of pluses to this situation.

(A) Bertrand's cold is running its course similar to one of his pre-steroid colds, so I think his immune system is getting back in gear--just in time for flu season!

(B) Bertrand's stuffy nose REALLY bothers him. Before, Bertrand used to act sick but had this inhuman ability to tolerate stuffy noses. Now he is MISERABLE just like any other kid his age (or adult my age) should be. I think this is progress!

(C) Bertrand is using his hands to wipe his nose!!! AND SUCCEEDING! Sure, it looks gross, but that is some great motor control!

Before, if we did anything to Bertrand's nose (wipe, bulb, etc.) and he tried to brush us off, he'd whap his eye, ear, forehead, cheek... pretty much every part except the part he was trying to hit. It was sad to watch, but boy did it make doing things, like wiping his nose, easy! Now I have to fight-off his little hand like every mom should. :)

There is probably plenty more I should say, but while B is still asleep, I may try to get that nap I've been meaning to take since Wednesday. :)


  1. You're so good at accentuating the positive. Hope the little guy feels better soon!

  2. Is it wrong that this whole post had me smiling ear to ear? Motor planning and immune system strength trumps stuffy nose misery! Go Bertrand!!! I hope you do get that nap, though...