November 3, 2010

Ortho, Pediatrics & Neuro! Oh my!

Bertrand's femur.

Most of the time, I am shocked by how little is accomplished in one day. This morning, I was shocked by how much was accomplished in one hour.

8:00AM Orthopaedics
Bertrand got an x-ray and was seen by doctor Dr. Stephanie Holmes. (Out of the 4 orthopaedic doctors we've seen at Primary Children's Medical Center, Dr. Holmes is my favorite.) She cleared Bertrand's use of the stander (2+ hours, start slow), recommended some stretching, and mentioned permiginate IV as something we should discuss with B's pediatrician. Dr. H's thought is that the bone created with permiginate is more brittle, which may not be what we want as a part of Bertrand's issue is that he doesn't brace himself when he falls.

8:30AM Pediatrics (& Starbucks)
Bertrand's stuffy nose disappeared last night, so this was simply a paperwork run. Bertrand delivered several forms for his pediatrician to fill-out, including his Utah DMV Form TC-842 "Disabled Person And Physician Disability Certification" to apply for a disabled person's car plate or placard. That his disability is deemed "permanent" rather than "temporary" (yes, the doctor has to check a box) was a bit depressing for me, so that led to a pumpkin spice latte--the ultimate comfort drink--at the hospital Starbucks.

8:45AM Neurology
At the elevator we ran into Bertrand's neurologist. She didn't like the way Bertrand was looking or how tired he was. She asked after his genomic sequencing (results come January) and was unhappy to hear he'd suffered another break. She wants Bertrand to have a dexascan. Furthermore, she said she'd follow-up with her colleagues at Johns Hopkins to see who the best 2nd opinion on Bertrand's myoclonic-astatic-epilepsy (MAE / Doose Syndrome) would be, so she could write us a referral. In her opinion Bertrand isn't getting worse but he isn't improving. "When I run into my patients I think it's fate trying to tell me something."

Clearly, fate approved my Starbucks run. ;) I hope to hear from the neurologist soon, but if not, I foresee a follow-up email later today! In the meanwhile, I need a nap.


  1. That is my biggest turn-on these days, when I see a doctor who is proactive rather than the parent having to come up with all the suggestions. Here is to productive days!

  2. What I wouldn't give for a proactive ortho doc. You are blessed!

  3. You not only need a nap, you deserve one. I hope you got it!

  4. yay for Starbucks and productivity!!!!!!!!

  5. yay for starbucks and a MD who will be supportive....

  6. Wow, and all that before 9 a.m. I hope do hope you got a nap. :)

    Your post about the dance class brought a smile to my face and prickles to my eyes. Lovely.

    Sending you warm hugs.

  7. I was given your blogspot by one of your friends i just met in cleveland. She saw my daughter, gabby and it reminded her of your son. Will be reading more to learn some of your suggestions. Thanks

  8. Hi Chrishelle! Ashley just told me about your sweet Gabby! I am so happy to hear from you! I was actually hoping to learn a bit from YOU! :) Bertrand is only about to turn 3, so I imagine you've been working for Gabby's diagnosis a lot longer than we have. I hope the rest of your stay at Cleveland is smooth and informative! Best wishes to your entire family! Cristina :)

  9. Hi Christina--thanks for stopping by my hardly active blog! It's nice to meet you---and see your curly hair. :-)