October 23, 2009

Wii Sports Resort with Bertrand

The past few weeks have been a lot of fun. I'd tried playing the Wii with Bertrand months ago, but he wasn't interested. After he went on Keppra, I tried again, and this time, he's showed a lot more interest.

Bertrand's favorite game is Wii Sports Resort.

Wii Sports Resort includes an adapter that increases the motion sensitivity of the controller, to the point that when you play the sword-fighting game, the on-screen character mimics every movement exactly. It's clear to us that Bertrand can associate the motion of the controller with the on-screen movement.

In fact, if we put him in front the TV, he makes little scoots forward toward the screen, trying to touch the characters inside.

Bertrand isn't coordinated enough to hold the wiimote, but he likes being a part of the game-playing process, and it can keep him entertained for up to a half an hour at a time. (That's an eternity for Bertrand's attention span.)

It will be a lot of fun trying out new games with him over time. :)

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