October 22, 2009

End in sight for flu shot odyssey?

Et tu, CostCo? Today, CostCo failed me. I feel like this marks the passing of my innocence or something. We were not able to get a pediatric seasonal flu vaccine at CostCo--although I was able to get the seasonal flu vaccine. Bertrand acted possessed the entire time there, so we kept getting dirty looks. (B was just tired and, as a result, a little extra seizurey since he'd worked hard at physical therapy before being wisked away, and thereby missing his morning nap, in our desperation to get him his flu shot.) Luckily, I derive some pleasure in staying visibly calm and ignoring the ignorant. :-P

However, in reality, I was anything but calm. I was panicked that I'd have to drive to South Jordan or further to find the vaccine for Bertrand. Or worse, we wouldn't get the vaccine in time, and Bertrand's diet initiation would be postponed until December! (Of course, Bertrand just fell into a coma-like sleep while being strapped in to his carseat--he wasn't worried at all.) I decided to call Bertrand's pediatrician's office again, but this time leave a message for Dr. Samson-Fang instead of dealing with her office scheduling staff (who were all unmoved by our plight last time). Bertrand is now getting the shot first thing this Monday morning!

I've been so traumatized by this flu shot odyssey that such a conclusion sounds too good to be true. I won't believe it until after Bertrand is screaming with the Bugs Bunny bandaid strapped to his chunky little thigh.

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