October 24, 2009

Bertrand's New Bedroom

Bertrand loves his new bedroom! As you can see from the messy floor in the top picture, he plays in it a LOT. Many people who love him made this room possible! He's such a spoiled little guy--in a good way. :)

B's favorite amenities, as compared to his old nursery, are: (1) a working radiator, (2) fewer windows with new blackout shades (for his light sensitivity), and (3) an inherited queen-sized, antique bed which is great for crawling practice!

And what has become of Bertrand's old nursery? It's now Mama's new sewing/craft room! Everyone is happier with the new arrangement, but Daddy most of all. This winter, by not running the nursery space heater, our electric bill will be cut in half!

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  1. Hey guys!! It looks amazing!! You did a fabulous job with it. :) Thanks for sending us the link and sorry again for the random email. :)