July 16, 2009

NIH Trip Photos

While we were at the NIH, Bertrand and I met Carrie, Robert and Hannah! Hannah, Bertrand's online girlfriend, will be turning one in a few days! We pre-celebrated at the Children's Inn.

Bertrand and Hannah, both playing hard to get. Hannah is quite the girly, girl and a flirt! She charms everyone she meets--surprisingly, even Bertrand.

Here Hannah is playing with the toy Bertrand gave her for her birthday. The day before Bertrand kept snatching it back and whacking her with it. "Gracious" would not describe my son.

At the airport, Bertrand wearing the scrubs he got at the NIH. They say "Doctor In Training. National Institutes of Health." Setting the bar high? Not at all.

Lastly, Bertrand staring off into space, chewing cud, planning to take over the world. (We now know his repetitive motion here is called "hand washing" and "hand wringing" and that the chewing, teeth grinding and staring off into space is most likely seizure activity associated with something like Rett Syndrome.)


  1. Hannah and Bertrand look so lovely! She looks grown up for a 1 year old. And Bertrand looks like 3 yrs!
    Titi Lili

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  3. Hannah and Bertrand looked very cute, they must have enjoyed each other.
    It is so good to see Bertrand's pictures. Great pictures.