November 21, 2015

Hospital update: Morning of Day 6: Good signs?

Bertrand had a rapid drop in O2 on Day 4, which sent him to the ICU.

It took 35 liters of oxygen to stabilize his O2.  ("A leafblower up his nose" is how I described it.)

Once stable, they switched him to a far gentler cpap machine and inserted an NJ feeding tube.

After some firm parental advocacy by Cristina, the medical team put Bertrand on azithromycin, something we'd requested since the start of the admission.

While we can't find indications of mycoplasma bacteria this time, azithromycin is also anti-inflammatory, and it has been what's pulled him out of the hospital every other time a lung infection has overwhelmed him.

Since nothing else has been working, it seems worth trying once more -- especially since the side effects are so manageable.

Except for a couple intrusions by the medical team, Bertrand slept straight through the night.

Today, I woke up to him giggling at the nurse around 5 AM.

He smiled at me, and then tried to rip his cpap mask off.

Seeing Bertrand alert and showing emotion means a lot.

While still on support, his O2, heart rate and respiration look much, much better today.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we can start gradually reducing his external support today or tomorrow.

This kid wants to come home.

The view from the hospital.


  1. Great to hear the improvement! I flew over Utah on my way to San Francisco this morning and blew a lot of kisses and hugs for Buddy! Mil bendiciones! Lots of love! Titi Lili

  2. I keep on praying for you Bertrand !! and your family !!! God bless. Analia ♥♥

  3. Yea for you my friend! I am so happy that you are starting to improve B!!! ❤️ And hugs!!!
    Miss Connie

  4. I'm so glad to hear it -- I hope he's home soon so he can recover from the hospital experience :). (Not knocking them, but being cured can be a pretty stressful experience in itself).

  5. Improvement has a lot of meaning for a doctor and a patient as the moment can not be explained in words. I am happy that child has come back to life but I would suggest you that he also needs physiotherapy or chiropractic support from Physiotherapy North Ryde who know better about the problem as why is his Oxygen level decrease and which nerves are involved in the problem.

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