November 29, 2015

Happy thanksgiving with NGLY1 -- and Bertrand's home!

Apologies for the delayed update!

Bertrand got out the hospital just in time for Thanksgiving, and he's recovering rapidly in his natural habitat.  Azithromycin worked!

Unfortunately, he developed an abrasion in his cornea from the forced ventilation, and that's requiring a lot of around the clock care to recover, but that too seems to be mending rapidly with Cristina's attentiveness.

We're hoping Bertrand will be well enough for school later this week.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with fellow NGLY1 family the Esteniks, who flew from Missouri to join us in Salt Lake and Park City!

It was one big happy family!

We're still pulling pictures off the cameras, but here's a few quick ones from last week:

Smiles all around -- and some overalls too.

Benji and Bertrand hamming it up.

Aunt Eileen made special shirts that spelled out NGLY1 - "We can solve it together!"

Uncle Carl has a real talent for making NGLY1 kids smile, laugh and reach their potential.

V and W build a secret weapon at the science museum.


  1. I'm glad he's back at home and hope he can start school again soon. And the science museum looks like a fantastic place to burn off energy :).

  2. ~Happy Holidays To all!~ Hope the whole family is beginning to feel better! :-)

    -Drea xo

  3. Lovely photos! Looks like you all had a good time! Love you! Titi Lili

  4. Mr. Might,

    My name is Ryan Ragnell and I am a junior computer science student at Baylor University in Waco, TX. I'm currently studying for my final exam in Systems Programming tomorrow and in just doing some google searches about a few concepts, I ran across your main webpage, and I must say that I think you're now one of the most influential people that I've never met. I started at Baylor in 2013 hoping to earn a degree in Bioinformatics because I fell in love with genetics in high school, but after taking and loving my first computer science class and realizing that maybe the medical route wasn't for me, I chose to pursue a degree in Computer Science concentrating in software engineering instead. Seeing the work you have done though has made me regret that decision a little though. But I've realized that I can still make a difference. Whether I find my way back into precision medicine computing or just in healthcare management software, I'm just excited to see that I can still do meaningful work. I'm not quite sure if it's your incredible successes in computing, your very evident desire to help everyone whether you've met them or not, or just what seems to be your amazing outlook on life, but I do know that it would be an honor and a privilege just to meet you. I hope your students (even though you're not teaching at the moment) have realized the kind of professor they've been so lucky to have.

    If you're ever in the Lone Star State giving a talk, doing research, or anything in general really, I hope that I can be there. I can't begin to describe how fortunate I feel to have tumbled upon your blog and learned about who you are.

    I hope you and your family enjoy the holidays.