May 28, 2014

Field Trip: Gone Fishin'

Bertrand's class went on a field trip to Camp Kostopulos today.  Camp Kostopulos is a residential summer camp where kids, teens, and adults with disabilities are able to choose from two options--a five day residential camp or travel trips.  They also offer year-round recreational programs--such as horseback riding and fishing.

Bertrand (and Victoria) were able to fish with the help of student volunteers from the Open Classroom, a local charter school.  The students, teachers, and parents from Open Classroom were wonderful.  I think everyone from both schools had a great time.   :)

Everyone called him "Indiana" since he was dressed like Indiana Jones.  
Victoria got to hold and release a fish.  Highlight of her week.
This is how real fishing is done!  Zzzz...


  1. Marvelous! At the rate she's going, I see many animals in V's future. Also, B has the pro-fisherman look and 'tude down pat. :)

    1. It was almost 90 degrees, so Bertrand was the only one with the right idea. ;) I wish I could've joined him in the siesta.

      And, yes, Victoria may very well have a future in biology. Good thing she has Aunt Karen to help guide her!

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