September 29, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

This year, somehow a Doggie and Skeleton got into the pumpkin patch!

Bertrand, king of the pumpkins.

In order to pick the perfect pumpkin, you must touch every single one.

Strong, big brother holds his pumpkin and little sister's pumpkin!

Victoria helps Nana pick a pumpkin.

Victoria enlists more pumpkin holding help.

Heading to the barn to catch a hay ride!

Uncle Steve, Baby (Cousin) Gabby, and Nana catch up on the ride.

Titi Saby snuggles a Doggie on the wagon.

Mama and Daddy cuddle the cutest skeleton boy.

The Corn Maze survivors.

Back at the house: Gabby ScarecrowBertrand and Victoria Scarecrow


  1. Oh, they're adorable -- it looks like a nice place, and you certainly got a good haul of pumpkins from your puppy and skeleton, didn't you? :) Is Red Butte Garden still doing their haunted Halloween evenings during October? I remember that being very much worth checking out as well.

    On a more random note -- autumn has come back here with a vengeance. You can tell how bad it is by the fact that when I first looked at the photos my eyes went not to the people but to the lovely blue skies at the top. "Whoaaaa.... look at that! That's so cool!"

    1. Yes, Red Butte still does their Garden at Dark! We went last year, but it is past the kids' bedtime, so they were a mess for it. Hopefully, in another year or two, we'll be able to do that and Boo and the Zoo without tantrums. :)

      Blue skies in Seattle? What a novel concept! ;) Hope the weather stays gorgeous for as long as possible!