September 28, 2013

2013 Wasatch Reptile Expo

Titi Aury and I took the kids to the Wasatch Reptile Expo today, courtesy of Hope Kids.

Honestly, I didn't know what to expect, but figured that since Aury loves reptiles, we should go.  Victoria was a bit overwhelmed by everything, but Bertrand LOVED it!  He got to touch snakes, tortoises, and an alligator.  You can see how much he enjoyed holding a 17 lb. python below.  :)

The expo was not limited to reptiles.  There were amphibians such as tree frogs, "exotics" such as hedgehogs and ferrets, plus a dazzling array of bugs--many as big as my hand.

Aury is already planning on attending the expo next year.  Her eye is set on a pet corn snake.

Victoria's favorite animals were the tree frogs.

Bertrand's favorite animals were the snakes!  Who knew?!
My favorite?  The terrariums. ;)

The expo was much larger than we anticipated--two floors packed full of exotic animals.