April 30, 2013

Zoo Therapy

We took Bertrand's beloved Miss A to the zoo today, and that's where he did part of his physical therapy!  He practiced balance and sitting on many surfaces.  Both kids had a blast.  Buddy could've ridden the carousel 10 more times if we let him.  And Victoria is now convinced that all animals love to play in the water.  (On our walk later today she was chatting up random strangers about bears in water.  And, at bath time I had to stop her from dumping a bunch of beanie baby bears into the tub.)

Sadly, Victoria accidentally deleted several photos and videos off my phone as she was watching a clip of Bertrand and herself with the swimming polar bear.  While she had probably seen it close to 100 times, she was devastated to lose the video.  We'll just have to go back to the zoo and take more footage! And you'll just have to settle for this handful of photos.  :)

The zoo currently has an exhibit of Lego Animals all over the park.  (Miss A and I kept asking ourselves, "How long would it take to build that?!")  If you have a child who loves Legos, they would probably love to check it out.

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