October 20, 2012

Sesame Street Live

We took the kids to Sesame Street Live this morning.  Wow, did they enjoy it!  
We never would've imagined how much both kids would love it.

Bertrand was Team Elmo.  
(Hat courtesy of cousin Katie.  Thanks again, Katie!)

It turns out that Victoria is Team Big Bird.  Crazy, right?!  
Insert Romney joke here.  ;)

Honestly, I barely watched the stage because watching the kids' reactions was so precious.

Victoria wanted a balloon.  Victoria got a balloon.
(Victoria better never lose that balloon.  It was $10?!?!)

Yup, we have to do this again next year.  Totally worth every penny.


  1. Looks like everyone had a fantastic time! PS. Looking hot, mama! :-)

  2. Helium costs a fortune, doesn't it? At least that balloon will last a long time! :) Adorable pics of your treasures, Crisitina!

  3. they will enjoy it!We never would've imagined how much kids would love it.that is fantastic show for kids>