October 18, 2012

Garden After Dark

Victoria, Nana (Diane) and Bertrand enjoy sitting under a light filled arbor.

We're always on the hunt to make the holidays more inclusive for Bertrand. Halloween has been difficult because most homes have steps leading up to the front door.

(I just about killed myself taking Bertrand up to 2 homes last year, and he was lighter then. This year he weighs 49.5 pounds. Yikes!)

For the past several years we've optimized the treat-giving experience, so Bertrand can at least enjoy giving out little candy bags to the children who come to our house on Halloween.

However, it still bothered me that he couldn't get the full Halloween experience, because he loves being outside.

So today, Nana and I took the kids to the Garden After Dark held at Red Butte Garden.  The kids LOVED it!  Bertrand loved all the lights.  Victoria loved all the people.

Bertrand went dressed as an aviator and Victoria went dressed as a unicorn--both costumes were missing pieces by the time we arrived at the garden but they were still adorable.  :)

The night was such a success that we may take the kids to Boo at the Zoo next weekend, and I may look for a trunk-or-treat in our area.  We're so lucky that there are options like these for our entire family to enjoy the holidays!


  1. For future reference:


    We sit out in our driveway and give out candy. Wish Bertrand could come and ToT us. :-)

    Jen C

    A well wisher from Michigan.

  2. Thanks, Jen! Those are adorable!!! Those are really inspiring! I need to show these to Matt so he can get to work building B's costume for me. ;)

    BTW, Bertrand's wheelchair had little cardboard wings attached--it was his "airplane". But, they fell off and ended up staying in the van.

    Eh. We tried. He had a great time anyway. :)

  3. That looks like so much fun -- I do miss the Garden After Dark, it was great. Do they still do pumpkin painting and broom-making? I'm really glad Bertrand and Victoria have it to go to, though, so Bertrand can show off his costume and get some treats without destroying your back!

  4. I would love to experience an American Halloween one day! I love the aviator jacket, so cool!