October 2, 2012

Great Local Businesses

We have some really fantastic neighbors.  As it turns out, we also have some fantastic neighborhood businesses.  We really lucked out!

Today, our local bike shop saved the day--and our upcoming vacation--by fixing Bertrand's sport wheelchair.  Shriners Hospital couldn't do it.  Our medical device company wouldn't do it (we didn't order the chair through them).

The guys at CycleSmith not only did the job well, they did it cheaply, same day, and with a smile.

(A man in a wheelchair came in for some tire stuff too while we were waiting.  Were we the only ones who didn't know about bike mechanic versatility?!  It's definitely worth keeping in mind if you have problems with your kid's wheelchair.)

Oh, and I can't talk about awesome local business without mentioning our pharmacy either.

University Pharmacy was our savior while Bertrand was on the ketogenic diet.

Since it is a compounding pharmacy, the pharmacists were able to source or create carbohydrate-free versions of all his medication.  They also have a great selection of high quality supplements.  And like Cheers, they always know your name.  ;)

But by far, the most memorable customer service experience at University Pharmacy was when we forgot to pick up Bertrand's seizure medication one weekend.  The pharmacy is closed on Sundays, but a pharmacist (the wonderful Trip) came in to open shop just for us and let us pick-up it up.  That day made us customers for life.

There are probably some fantastic, small businesses in your area too, so check them out.  :)  And if you're in the Salt Lake City area, check out University Pharmacy and CycleSmith.  By the way, I hear CycleSmith does bicycles too.  ;)

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