September 17, 2012

SWAN USA: Exome Sequencing Give Away

For our undiagnosed friends, here is an interesting opportunity courtesy of SWAN USA: an exome sequencing give away.  Exome sequencing coupled with excellent analysis by researchers at Duke University was the means by which Bertrand was finally diagnosed.  We hope exome sequencing will provide answers and peace to other families as well.

Exome Sequencing Give Away

SWAN USA is excited to announce this opportunity to Families.

Ambry Genetics has offered to our community the generous donation of Exome Sequencing. We will be accepting applications from now until October 17th. If you would like the chance to see if exome sequencing can find the answers for you, enter today. We know that many families have gone through years of testing. As testing technology and understanding grows, we hope that fewer families have to face the uncertainty of not knowing what is affecting their loved ones. With each advancement we hold on to that Hope.


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