September 18, 2012

4th time's a charm?

Today, Bertrand officially switched neurologists for the fourth time at the University of Utah.  Ironically, this doctor is the one we were originally recommended back in 2008/2009, but he wasn't taking on new patients (despite strenuously pleading Bertrand's case to his administrative assistant).  Actually, I think he still doesn't take new patients, except in special cases.  I guess I Bertrand finally qualifies as difficult special.  ;)

After refusing to feed himself, with the help of his therapist, Bertrand enjoys feeding his sister.  Go figure.


  1. AH! We had Dr. Filloux! Do you like him? He's the head of pediatric neurology at Primary Children's -- or was when we had him. When we moved from Utah to Washington, I kept him and flew back for appointments because I wasn't willing to give him up just yet. How do you like him?

  2. We like him a lot, Jenny! He's been Bertrand's attending before, so we'd already met him. B's prior neurologist specializes in neuromuscular issues. So, his genetic/metabolic issues would often leave her stumped. Dr. Filloux seems a lot more comfortable dealing with the unknown, which I suspect will make him a better fit for Bertrand. He also takes my habit of handing over reams of research papers pretty well, so we're happy so far. :)