September 27, 2012

Preschool Twilight Zone

Victoria loves Titi Karen and R!  R is one of her best friends.
Today we went to visit a preschool for Victoria.  Oddly enough, this is the preschool I'd looked at for Bertrand aaages ago when we first moved to Utah.

The school is still fantastic.  (Victoria is now on the waiting list.)  But, the experience was surreal.

Victoria didn't hesitate to start playing with the teacher and other kids.  Despite some uncharacteristic shyness, she loved it.

Bertrand could barely sit on his own the first time he was there.  Even now he can barely sit on his own.

It was weird to feel time fast forwarding for one child, but frozen for the other.


Later at lunch with friends, Victoria had the time of her life playing with her best friend, R.

R is a little boy Bertrand's age, and I am constantly amazed by how sweet, kind and nurturing he is with Victoria.

It's a little bittersweet at times, since I wish Bertrand could play with her like that.  I can see how much his attention means to Victoria.

I am grateful that we have good friends like R to fill Victoria's desire for friendship AND to take the intense little sister heat off Bertrand.  :)

We're recovering from our colds.

Next week once Bertrand is stabilized, we will adjust his medication as per discussion with his (new) neurologist.  We'll be tweaking his lamictal and depakote dosage and timing.  Our aim is to increase seizure control while minimizing cognitive impact.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


  1. I hope there's a space in the preschool soon -- Veronica just started her preschool a couple of weeks ago and she's loving everything about it (except using a bathroom which isn't located in our house, but that's it). It's extremely strange, needing so little paperwork for her. It feels vaguely negligent on our part.

    I'm glad Victoria has R to play with (and I'm sure he's glad to have a part-time baby sister as well!) Is that the new Natural History Museum that they're playing in?

  2. Wow! This preschool is really cool. I am sure that kids will love it! They will learn at the same time having fun.