August 17, 2012

Session 4 Week 2

Bertrand has been happy and alert most of each session.
Of course he made a face while I took this picture.
Bertrand has completed his second week of this latest session at Now I Can.  He has worked so darn hard. In spite of the two major set-backs this Summer, he has already caught up to where he was at the end of the prior session last Spring.  We're optimistic that he'll make more progress going into the next and final week.

We're also very excited that Bertrand's home physical therapist is back from her summer internship!  With Miss A, he'll recommence his intensive work at home. We expect that she'll build on his progress here too.

Speaking of progress, as school starts this fall semester, we've re-evaluated our activities.  I We had gotten spread thin, and our commitments weren't optimally aligned with our priorities as a family.  We've made some adjustments to our schedule.  Hopefully, this will help everyone feel happier and more fulfilled.

Parenting/Life is a balancing act!

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