August 16, 2012


Anyone who knows Victoria knows that she is obsessed with "Gees!" (More commonly referred to as "doggies".)

Tonight, as I scooped her out of the bath, I caught myself whistling an eerie, familiar tune.  It was, without fail, the opening theme music to "Lassie"(1954!!!).

Upon finding the episodes on Netflix, I was shocked.  I can't remember half the stuff on a grocery list that's directly in front of me, but I can remember the full theme song (and corresponding credits narration!) to a show I last watched as a child 30 years ago?!

The human mind is amazing.

Any way, as I brushed and detangled Victoria's tiny, curly mane, she watched Lassie with the same intensity I probably did as a child.  You see, I love(d) "gees" too.  I had to smile.  I bet she'll be whistling the theme song to Lassie someday.

Thanks, Netflix.  :)

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