August 10, 2012

Session 4 Week 1

Bertrand completed the first week of intensive therapy for his 4th session at Now I Can.  Bertrand has made improvements every day but it was tough for him... and me. Victoria is a little ball of energy--not the sleepy, easygoing newborn she once was.

Victoria gets jealous of the attention the therapists (and mama) give to Bertrand.  We should all play with HER.  A few weeks ago she knew over 60 different signs (I've since lost count), and oh boy does she use them... especially to argue with me.  That didn't take long.  :-P

This summer has been brutal. Bertrand, Victoria and I are ready for school to start and for our beloved student therapists to start back up. I'll feel better once I know that both kids will have special one-on-one time.


  1. Barbara @therextrasAugust 12, 2012 at 7:15 AM

    Mom is ambivalent home. Already missing and relieved that the the college student left today.

    Anxious for 2nd college student to leave, too, and, not.

  2. Guess motherhood is just like this--regardless if kids are toddlers or teens, typically developing or not. Thanks, Barbara. :)

  3. I have been following your blog since I read the Gizmodo article and every post brings tears to my eyes. You are such an amazing mom. Your commitment and energy is humbling! I love seeing Bertrand's personality shine through your posts. Sending you all our best from Brooklyn.