August 7, 2012

Session 4 Day 2

Bertrand with his teeniest and cutest physical therapist.
We survived the first full day of therapy at Now I Can today.  We were lucky that daddy was able to go with us, and that Victoria got sick only once on the car ride down.  (Of course, she got sick just as we were pulling into the Now I Can parking lot, and just on the car carpet rather than her surrounding layers of bibs and absorbent pads.  Sigh.)  We're all exhausted.  Only 2.5 weeks left to go.  This summer has been crazy.


  1. Barbara TherExtrasAugust 7, 2012 at 8:05 PM

    Purtiest stander I ever saw!

  2. Poor Victoria -- I hope she's feeling better now (we've had something mildly similar here -- Veronica coming down with a horrible gastric bug just as Daniel was due to start day camp). And I agree that that's a very handsome-looking stander.

    On a random note, what's with the baby bears licking honey off of their mother? Is this one of a series of pictures or is it just sort of hanging out there?

  3. Thanks, ladies!

    Marian - The walls in all 3 gyms at Now I Can have murals hand-painted on them with motivational quote decals. On the other side of the gym, one wall has a large family of toucans, and another has large colorful moths/butterflies. I'll take some pictures of them. :)