July 5, 2012

Tonsillectomy and More

In an effort to ameliorate his sleep apnea, Bertrand underwent surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids today.  He also received dental and eye exams while under the general anesthesia.

(I am quite proud of this feat of medical scheduling!)

Bertrand is still sleeping off the anesthesia, but initial reports indicate that everything went well.  He will be monitored inpatient overnight as a precaution after the surgery.

Discussions with all 3 doctors were interesting.  Bertrand's teeth looked really good and his molars were sealed, as we expected/desired. His eyes were another story.  While we've been aggressive with lubrication, the corneal scarring is creeping up over the pupil.  Bertrand could go blind.

We will commence a steroid protocol for his eyes to help reduce the inflammation and (hopefully) the scarring.  We will also redouble our eye lubrication efforts.


  1. I rejoice with you in your feat of medical scheduling. You've inspired me. Really, I don't think people without special needs kids realize what a huge time drain and frustration scheduling can be, especially if you're asking for something outside the box. Lots of love to you all and hugs for B. -Ashley