June 5, 2012

Tag! We're alive.

Bertrand's new walker arrived today! He'll practice with it during therapy.
There is a lot going on.  We're starting up a fellowship through Dr. Hudson Freeze's lab at Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute to identify and test treatments.

More potential cases of N-glycanase deficiency have been identified and are currently being tested at Duke University.

One of the cases is a 13 month-old boy.  Learning about this little baby, I've grown even more desperate to find a treatment.  In my mind's eye, this is who I see:

We must find a treatment.


  1. I can't wait to see B use his new walker!

  2. "We must find a treatment."

    Your tenacity is amazing. I am definitely sure that you people will find it.

    Cheers folks!

  3. Thank you, Ashley & Hunter612! Wishing the best for you and your families. :)