April 2, 2012

TAOS Fitting

Bertrand was fitted for and received his TAOS today. He is the 6th child in the state of Utah to receive one. He was a great sport throughout the 2 hour fitting process, and was gracious enough to take some steps for the camera. We look forward to capturing more precious steps of his in the future. :)

Wow! This month has already been one of many firsts and it is only April 2nd!


  1. Nice new kicks B. Love them! Good luck and as I promised everyday I'll be checking. You can do it. Give him a hug for me Cristina!
    Miss Liz

  2. Thanks, Liz!

    He's gotten lots of hugs for all his hard work today, but I'll give him an extra big one from you! :)

    He sends you a few of his happy toots in return. ;) Hehe. That's how you know it's love!

  3. Way to go, Bertrand! He looks great walking in his TAOS!