April 4, 2012

Lollipop Workshop!

You too can make exquisite lollipops like these! For a great cause!

On April 10th, I'll be holding a Lollipop Workshop* with the MOMS Club of Salt Lake City to benefit the Little Miss Hannah Foundation!

Making homemade lollipops is fun, quick, easy, and delicious! (My husband says they taste more like a giant jolly rancher on a stick. Yum!)

I'll be teaching the basics of hard candy making. We'll be using basic quick release molds and cake decorating supplies, that you can find at party supply stores.

We will also discuss and practice with different forms of lollipop presentation, such as making lollipop pencil toppers and lollipop "fairy wands".

(I will furnish candy making supplies, but if a few participants could bring extra sauce pans, candy thermometers, and/or clean cookie sheets, we'll be able to make more batches.)

Everyone who attends will come away knowing how to make their own lollipops quickly and easily at home. You'll take home a handout with instructions, recipes, and of course a few, delicious samples for the kids.

I promise that even the "big" kids will be impressed! ;)

To top it all off, this workshop will benefit a fantastic cause! The Little Miss Hannah Foundation was recently started in honor of Bertrand's little girlfriend, Hannah. She was only 3 years-old when she passed away from a rare disease last December.

The goal of the foundation is to work with families who have young children with life-limiting rare diseases, undiagnosed complex medical needs, and children who have been placed in hospice or palliative care. The aim is to give parents the necessary tools to empower them to meet their child’s unique medical and lifestyle needs, as well as provide support resources and special attention for their other children.

To learn more, please visit littlemisshannah.org.

*Appetizers and drinks included.