March 22, 2012

New Adaptive Gear Registry

Bertrand walked our dog Penny to the bus stop today. :) Victoria was jealous.

Normally, I am not a fan of gift registries, but I like the idea of this registry by Tadpole Adaptive. So far, Bertrand has been lucky to have family and insurance cover most of his equipment needs but many special needs kids are not. Adaptive equipment is EXPENSIVE. This registry enables friends and family to chip-in for a big piece of equipment in a child's registry. Waaaaay better than a silver or china pattern you'll never actually use. ;)


  1. Any solution to the need for a double stroller . . . to accommodate baby + big SN kid at the Abilities Expo? We are going in a few weeks to the one in LA!

  2. Poo, I still haven't finished my day 2 Abilities Expo post. The short version is: no, I didn't see a good option at the Atlanta Expo, but the vendors at each Abilities Expo are different. Please let me know if you find one! :)

    D - Bertrand doesn't have a registry, but Tadpole Adaptive makes it possible for anyone to make one. :)