March 21, 2012

Dental Check-up

Bertrand's dentist information because I am too lazy to upload a real photo tonight. Sorry!

Today, Bertrand had a dental check-up for the first time in a year. Since his last check-up under anesthesia, his tooth grinding seems to have improved slightly, but his teeth are still slowly wearing away, and he still won't let me brush his teeth with a regular tooth brush. Instead, I use a wet wash cloth twice a day to brush his teeth. So, I was a bit nervous about what the dentist was going to say.

However, the check-up went great! According to the dentist, Bertrand's teeth look really good, and it's very likely that Bertrand's tooth grinding may resolve with age, after he gets his adult teeth. Bertrand didn't even get upset with the exam (thank you, Elmo). The next time he is under anesthesia, the dentist want to do a thorough cleaning, but other than that he just said, "keep up the good work!"

Boy, do I wish all doctors appointment went that smoothly!


  1. Cristina! My name is Jenny. My daughter, Samantha, is currently attending her 2nd session at Now I Can. I was looking up some stuff tonight on the computer and came across your blog. I thought, "Bertrand. How many kids are named Bertrand?" I figured it had to be the same little boy I saw on the wall at Now I Can, and sure enough...when I got to this page and saw his picture, I was right. What a sweet little boy. I took some time to read through some of your posts and am impressed with your family. Best of luck in the future! Maybe we'll even meet one day:)

  2. Using a wash cloth in this circumstance is a great idea. I will be passing on the information to my Sister. Thank you

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