February 2, 2012

Scoliosis Reversing?

Recently, as confirmed by the orthopedist last week, Bertrand's back hasn't been looking bad. In fact, could it be looking better?

Look at the photo above of Bertrand playing today. You can see how straight he is sitting. I just barely see the curve. Are my eyes not seeing right? Am I going crazy? (Well, crazier?)

I am very curious to hear what the folks at Now I Can say about his back & hips tomorrow. Bertrand has taken his homework very seriously! And, I'm so excited for Miss A & Miss V to meet our beloved Sergio, Natalie, and gang! :)


  1. hi cristina,
    i am karthi from india..
    i follow ur blog about bertrand and he is a wonderful kid..i saw ur recent blog post about bertrand sitting straight.. few days back when i saw tihs photo i realised that he is sitting more straight than the photos i had seen before..
    he is such a hard worker..lots to learn from him :)

  2. Sorry, Photo Number 649 in google+

  3. Thank you, Karthi! Your kind words mean a lot. :) Bertrand is definitely my teacher! Best wishes to you from Utah!

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