February 1, 2012

Moisture Chamber Goggles

Bertrand will model these bad boys tomorrow. Won't he look cool? :)

Bertrand's new ophthalmologist recommended moisture chamber goggles to help with his dry eyes. Moisture chamber goggles tend not to come in pediatric sizes and the ones that do run upward of $100. This is too much money for something that might not work for Bertrand. (The Tranquileyes were a dismal failure, by the way.) So, we decided to make some moisture chamber goggles at home.

We wanted the goggles to be comfortable. Swim goggles formed a good seal but would leave marks & didn't look comfortable. Snow goggles had comfortable padding but air vents. The vents are there to prevent fogging (moisture build-up), but for Bertrand that is what we want! So, we bought kid's snow goggles & cut black electrical tape to block the air vents. If the goggles work well, we'll buy a few extra pairs in the after ski season sales to modify as well.

Open vents.

Taped vents. Classy.

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  1. An adult whose blog I follow recently got moisture-sealing goggles. Here's her post about them (no idea if the kind she got comes in children's sizes or not).


    I went to law school with the blogger's husband, but I also like the blog because it provides an adult perspective into some of what faces my girl (and your Bertrand too) . . . in a way that our kiddos can't yet tell us.