November 20, 2011


Victoria managed to turn on my phone's camera and put it in self-portrait mode (kind of like a mirror). She was having a blast! Bertrand wanted in on the fun, and boy, did he ham it up! So, here you go, just a few shots of both kids smiling at themselves. :)


  1. Haha, that's hilarious! And such handsome children!!! Be careful though... a friend of mine's 2-year-old managed to change her passcode on the iPhone... that took some undoing.

  2. Adorable... as always. Anytime they do that, feel free to send me the photos! xoxo

  3. Those pics are priceless! You can never have enough of those!

    Btw, first its self-portraits---next its the knock on your door from a cop because they accidently called 911! Not that 2 of my 3kids ever did that (ahem).