November 19, 2011

JouJou Sneak Peek!

Victoria & Bertrand in their holiday elfin attire, ready to go!

Today, Bertrand and Victoria got a sneak peek at the new toy store, Jou Jou, located at the Grand America. The grand opening is on November 25th.

Jou Jou is a high-concept toy store/wonderland*, packed with unique creativity- and imagination-boosting toys from across the globe.

Today's sneak peek was organized with the Junior League of Salt Lake City and benefitted the Salt Lake CAP Head Start program.

Daddy took more pictures of the food than the toys or his kids.

Bertrand and Victoria were enthralled with the candy-dispensing interactive organ, giant robots, paper dragons and 3D monsters!

It tuckered-out both kids! We look forward to going to JouJou again! :)

* Here are more details on JouJou for the big kids amongst you:
  • Monsterpiece Theater: Step up to a monster portrait wall to interact with 10 originally designed and animated characters; computer-generated portraits interact with guests once their presence is detected using sonar and face tracking technologies.
  • Musical Candy Organ: Walk along the candy organ’s interactive floor. The floor senses weight which reacts by lighting up and playing music. Dispense sweets from over 30 organ pipes filled 17 feet to the top with delicious candies.
  • Magical Honey Tree: Capture a fairy that lives in a magical tree. Each fairy resides in a lit hole of the tree trunk until taken home in a specialty branded jar complete with the fairy’s name and favorite activities.
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    1. Loved the pictures! Even the candies! Based on the video, this is a must-go attraction in Salt Lake City! The kids are lovely! Victoria eating the balloon while Bertrand sleeps.

      Love you, Titi Lili