March 29, 2011

Battening down the hatches.

This scene greeted me picking-up Bertrand from preschool on Monday.
Is there any wonder why he is sick AGAIN?

Bertrand missed his physical therapy session and dance class today because he has a cold. He has a stuffy nose, slight fever, and clearly feels out of sorts. This has him yodeling to be held non-stop.

When Bertrand would finally fall asleep, which allowed me to put him down, I was scurrying to get administrative items done before our big April deadline. No, not April 15th (although I worked on our taxes too). I'm talking about April 8th: our daughter's estimated due date!

It feels good to have my desk almost clear, inbox almost empty, baby items prepped, and Bertrand's follow-up appointments set! I almost feel ready!

PS - I was amused (and touched) to walk into this scene as I got out of my shower last night:

It seems that Daddy was doing some last minute studying for the big day! When I questioned him on what he read, he claimed to have "only skimmed it", but proceeded to correct me on ALL labor related topics for the rest of the night. Uh huh. :)


  1. Tim didn't read anything. I was on my own!

    I hope B gets better soon!

    I will be out of town April 8, but constantly checking twitter for updates. I'll be at the evil in-laws, so I will need updates!!

  2. Is that Ensign? Daniel went there for 1+ year and loved it.

    Glad you're getting everything under control (to the extent possible). I hope Miss Victoria decides to be prompt :).