December 7, 2010

While Bertrand is at school

Bertrand's 2010 class photo. Love it! This expression is SO Bertrand! :)

If he isn't sick, seizing--too badly--or suffering from broken bones, Monday through Thursday, 8am until 11am, Bertrand can be found at the WONDERFUL Carmen. B. Pingree Center's Clinic Program.** Our family loves the program, the facilities, and most of all the staff there! They have worked wonders with Bertrand by augmenting the therapy and work I do with him at home. In particular, much of the social development Bertrand has experienced since February can be attributed to them.

That said, having Bertrand in the program also gives me an uninterrupted 2.5 hours to work or run errands. It's been a sanity saver. Here is a quick rundown of what those precious hours were like this morning:

  • Eat breakfast
  • Read medical section of newspaper (today: food allergies in children)
  • Load/run dishwasher
  • Upload and edit Bertrand's school photo
  • Order prints of photos from
  • Call Shriners physical therapy department
  • Call Bertrand's orthopaedist for new therapy orders
  • Call Shriners to schedule orthopaedic follow-up
  • Call PCMC to schedule gastroenterology follow-up
  • Email volley with Matt regarding American Express statement
  • Receive, read and edit Bertrand's Classroom Health Care Plan
  • Send Health Care Plan revisions/updates to SL County School Nurse
  • Finalize documents to be taken in for IEP meeting tomorrow
  • Schedule orthopaedic follow-up for January 11th
  • Call Shriners to confirm wheelchair order execution
  • Confirm that wheelchair order sent with insurance
  • File EI graduation paperwork
  • Confirm email receipt with Shriners

I know I've forgotten a few more items. But, all this was sprinkled with tweets, facebook and email replies while I was on hold (holiday muzak is the worst), random swiffering of kitchen floors, clorox wiping countertops, and, oh yes, repeated door openings for indecisive, barky, little dogs.

Best part? As I was running out the door to pick-up Bertrand, I told Matthew, "I don't know where my morning has gone. I've done nothing but I'm already exhausted."

**Please email me if you ever want an exceptionally biased and positive review of the program.


  1. Would you believe me if I said our lives are somewhat similar? Especially that paragraph "I know I've forgotten...."

    I have a wonderful life.;) Barbara

  2. Happy birthday Bertrand! I hope his mother gets a break for a birthday present :).