December 6, 2010

Graduation from Early Intervention

Not impressed with the certificate or stuffed bear, Bertrand would prefer that his therapists keep visiting him.

Today, Bertrand "graduated" from Early Intervention (EI). EI has been a part of our lives practically since moving to Utah: about August 2008. Bertrand's EI team consisted of four wonderful, talented and compassionate women who'd each come to our house twice a month--rain, snow or shine. They came under the auspices of providing therapy services (physical, speech, occupational and vision) for Bertrand, but honestly they did just as much for me. I know I should be celebrating that my boy is turning 3 years-old, but I am going to miss Kirsten, Meghan, Lisa and Linda. And, so will Bertrand.

Ladies, we love you. Thank you for all you've done for Bertrand and for our family!

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  1. So true - the transitions can be just as difficult for the parents! I am sure those fine women will miss you, too! I send them collegial thanks for taking care of a family I now love, too. Barbara